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Over 14,000 Omanis get private sector jobs

The Ministry of Manpower affirmed that 14,883 male and female Omanis have been employed by the private sector organisations in the different governorates during the period from December 3rd, 2017 to March 5th, 2018.

The Ministry pointed out that 10,092 males have been employed compared to 4,791 females. The number of diploma less than general education diploma stands at 7,450 job seekers compared to 4919 general education diploma holder and 2,514 holders of university and university diploma.

Sector wise, the highest number has been appointed by the construction sector (5,025 including 3,974 males and 1,051 females) followed by retail and wholesale trade sector (2,103 including 1,117 males and 986 females) and manufacturing industries (2,043).

The Ministry affirmed that it will publish a supplement on Thursday about the names of job seekers who will be called for employment interviews next week.

The Ministry continues calling job seekers this week to have employment interviews.

Source: Timesofoman
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