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Oman among top Arab countries in food security

A study released by the Union of Arab Chambers (UAC) showed that the Sultanate is among countries with high food security indicators alongside other GCC states according to data obtained from the Economist newspaper.

The study, published in the April issue of the UAC’s Arab Urbanism magazine, said the data extracted from the Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) found that 6 out of 14 Arab countries (Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain) are classified among the top 50 countries in the Global Food Security Index based on affordability and availability indicators.

The study titled ‘Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Food Supply Chains and its Risk on Food Security in the Arab World’, said that food security in general relies on four major factors of affordability, availability, and quality and safety of food.

Based on those factors, it won’t be easy for the Arab countries to escape the current COVID-19 related food security crisis.

The study concluded that the current situation requires the declaration of an emergency state to concert efforts at the highest levels to support the social security networks as well as facilitate inter-trade through Arab countries for food products and commodities within the Greater Arab Free Trade Area” (GAFTA).


The Sultanate has since the beginning of April imported a total of 169,000 heads of livestock to meet local demand during the month of Ramadhan, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Sulaiman bin Mohammed al Salmi, Director-General of Livestock at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries affirmed that a further 15,000 goats will arrive from Australia on Tuesday.

He stated that sufficient quantities of both live animals and cold meat will be available in the markets in the coming period. Al Salmi noted that the ministry has issued import licences to a number of livestock importers thereby opening the door for additional live animal shipments to arrive in the Sultanate.
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