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Oman’s first biodiesel plant opens in Samail Industrial Estate

In a breakthrough announcement, Synergy BioFuels announced the commissioning of the first biodiesel plant in Oman in Samail Industrial Estate.

The plant successfully produced its first batch of 30 tonnes of biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil (UCO) that complies with EN14214 international standards.

“This is a significant milestone in our journey to support Oman’s green economy and Oman Vision 2040. Being able to establish a state-of-the-art biofuels plant and produce the first batch of biodiesel in Oman is an incredible achievement and we would like to thank Be’ah for its support in our journey,” indicated Anthony Helou, CEO of Synergy.

The biodiesel plant is only one part of the Oman Biofuels Hub that has been established by Synergy. The biofuel hub includes in addition to the biodiesel manufacturing plant, a research centre that is focusing on biofuels and renewable fuels in collaboration with local researchers and universities.

“Our team has a grand vision for the biofuels project. The biodiesel plant is only the beginning, we have established the first and only biofuels hub in Oman and the region. We are working with a great team to innovate in this whole space. Expect great announcements on the hub’s various projects very soon,” added Anthony Helou.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Sarooj Construction, the biodiesel from the plant will be used to power the construction of the first oil & gas wellhead for PDO. Within three weeks, Sarooj Construction would complete the construction of an oil & gas wellhead in SaihRawl in Oman using Biodiesel fuel for the heavy equipment. This will be the first oil & gas well-head in Oman and the Middle East where biodiesel was used as a fuel to power the construction equipment.

“Construction equipment has a huge carbon footprint, by using Omani-produced Biodiesel we are helping in de-carbonizing the construction business and assisting Oman’s oil & gas sector in its mission towards net-zero emission oil,” indicated Simon Karam, Chairman of Sarooj Construction.

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