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Oman Sustainability Week: 12 – 16 March 2023 | ICV Partner: businessgateways

Oman’s National Event for Future Energy, Power, Water, Waste, Environment and Society

Oman Sustainability Week highlighted Oman’s commitment to sustainability leadership through innovative strategies aligned with Oman’s Vision 2040 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event engaged the national development stakeholders to present Oman as a new model for sustainable development.

Interested Companies met the JSRS Team at the Oman Sustainability Week (OSW) – Stall No. 1342
The Companies that met the Team got to:
  • Explore the benefits of being JSRS Certified.
  • Understand the JSRS Certification Process.
  • Learn more about how JSRS Buyers utilize the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN) for Procurement Activities.
  • Discover how you can grow your business in Oman and other GCC Countries by subscribing to GCC Open Tenders Service.
  • Know more about the Market Intelligence Reports available for JSRS Certified Suppliers.
  • Explore how the JSRS Contracts Management System (JSRS-CMS) supports Omani Companies & International Companies to access more business opportunities in Oman.
  • Find out about the various Additional Certificates (LCC and Zonal Certificates & Permits) available on JSRS.

Existing JSRS Certified Suppliers availed the services of the JSRS Support Desk and clarifed all JSRS Certification-related queries.
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